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how to make a clothing website? Use designer-created templates—no developer skills are required. Creating a clothing website was never so easy

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Use free resources to enhance your website, from which pages to include to how to present your products

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Free resources

Learn at your own pace with on-demand courses from our knowledgebase and YouTube channel. Answers to your questions can be found on the Shopconik blog or contact us via our support ticket.

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Start online clothing store without coding or design skills by using one of the many free themes provided. Choose from a variety of customizable and responsive themes to create your own business and brand.

Smart marketing

Use Shopconik's built-in SEO and blog module to drive traffic to your store. Promote your t-shirts with Google Smart Shopping campaigns, and grow your audience with Facebook and Instagram ads that are automated.

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Contact Shopconik customer service via online chat or email. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can assist you with almost any problem that your business may face.

How do I sell on Shopconik

  • Tap the product you want to sell.
  • Under Variants, tap the variant you want to sell.
  • From the variant details screen, set the Compare at price to the product's original price.
  • Set the Price of the product to your new sale price.
  • Tap Save.

How do I setup a website to sell products ?

  • Choose an ecommerce platform.
  • Customize the look and feel of your website.
  • Add products.
  • Set up backend processes for payments, inventory, and orders.
  • Launch your website.

How to start a clothing store online?

You can sell products online via your own ecommerce store built with a platform like Shopconik, on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, on social media, and wholesale.

With you from first sale to full scale

Powerful plugins

The Shopconik Store has powerful plugins to add even more features and functionality to your fashion store, ranging from email marketing to customer retention services.

Sell everywhere

Clothes can be sold online or wherever your customers are. Shopconik integrates with your preferred online sales channels allowing you to manage your business while selling everywhere. Start clothing business online today.

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