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General questions

Your customers’ payment information is completely safe at Shopconik. All sensitive information always is transmitted via secure HTTPS channel. 

No. There are no setup or transaction fees with any of our plans.

Yes. All plans are available month-to-month with no long term commitments so you can change your plan at any time however you cannot degrade the plan. For degradation, you need to cancel the cancel the current subscriptions and purchase your preferred one. 

Yes. With each plan there is a different storage bandwidth associated once depleted you need to purchase the bandwidth as per your requirement .

We don’t offer refunds, however, our trial plan enables to you start selling on a fully functional store. You can upgrade to a premium whenever you’re ready!

Currently we supports over 10 payment providers globally, including PayPal and Stripe, so there’s a good chance we support your preferred option but we are constantly adding more payment gateways some of which be available on one time fee

We currently allow our customers to pay in USD, EURO, AUS Dollar, CAD and GBP

Yes, for present you need your own domain with the site to make it online. However we help you step wise step with the same with our guided documents.

Technical questions

  • Go Settings > Channels > Select Channel > Edit Channel (pencil sign)

  •  Add Logo/favicon > Save Channel

Go Settings > Add Locale >

  • Add language code
  • Language name
  • Direction LTR or RTL
  • Locale logo(if any)
  • Save Locale

Setting up Currencies:

  • Go Settings > Currencies> Add Currency

Add information like:

  • Code, name and symbol and save currency

  • To set exchange rate for different currencies:

    • Settings > Exchange Rates> Add Exchange rate(s)
    • Select target currency > Enter rate and save exchange rate

To set base currency or default language or show multiple languages on frontend:

Go to Setting > Channels > Edit Channel

  • Go to currencies and Locales section
  • Select all locales which you want to show on frontend
  • Set default language to show on website
  • Choose all currencies you want to show in frontend(Ctrl + Select)
  • Set default currency
  • Save Channel

Go to Setting > Sliders > Create Slider

Select the locale for which you want to show the slider, you can set different slider for different locale. You can set the expiry date for a slider as well. Once done, save button to see it in frontend.

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