To set the products for your store

Go to Products > Add products #

select products

  • Select the types of product
  • Select attribute family(please check out our section how to create your attribute family)
  • Enter unique SKU(stock keeping unit) – Must be unique and all in small letters


  • Save product and then fill out all other required information shown on the screen like name, description, price, etc.
  • Set the tax category as per the country(please see our section how to create tax category)
  • Set product status to visible to show it on frontend by sliding the button


  • Set the attributes from the dropdown, fill up description and short description, price, set shipping data like length, width, height, weight (weight is required)
  • Set inventory for your product
  • Set images for product(if any)
  • Select appropriate category for your product
  • Select the channel(if any), in case of multi-channel
  • Select up-sell, cross-sell, related product (if any)
  • Set up video for your product if any and save the product

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