To set the custom attributes

  • Go to Attributes > Add Attributes
  • Enter the attribute code you want to create(should be meaningful and in small, no special character apart from underscore)
  • Select type if that attribute will be multi-select, drop down, text, color swatch etc(e.g. like shoe size might be drop down)

create custom attribute

  • Set the labels for admin i.e. how admin will be seeing the attribute name

add attribute

  • Set the validations for creating attribute

set attribute validation

  • Set the configurations for the attribute like
    • If you want to set the value per locale i.e. for different languages on store
    • Value for channel, if you have created multiple channel for your store
    • Used in layered navigation, set it to yes ,if you want to show your attribute in front end filters
    • Use to create configurable product, set it to yes, if you want to use it for configurable product e.g. shoe size, t-shirt color (the product having multiple variant is configurable product)

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