• Hover on speaker icon > Click Promotions


  • There are two types of rules:
    • Catalog rules(rules applicable at product level)
    • Cart rules(rules applicable at cart level)
  • To Add Catalog Rule, click on Add Catalog Rule button
  • Insert name of rule you want to create
  • Enter the description, if you want to add the description for the rule
  • Enable the status so that you can activate it for frontend
  • Select the channels


  • Select the customer group you want to apply the rule for (its multiple select)
  • Select the date from when you want to start and end the rule; if you want to set the rule for particular dates, you can also leave those blanks.

  • You can also set the condition, if all condition is true or you want some of the condition to be true, depending what you choose now you can add the condition by clicking on “Add condition” button




  • Now set action, to provide discount on percentage basis or on fixed price
  • Whether you choose fixed or percentage you just need to add the number in discount amount
  • Set whether you want end other current rules after applying this or you want to continue with other rules as well , by choosing Yes or No


  • Click on save catalog rule button to save the rule


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